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The Creepy Clowns Have Reached the Bay Area

Clown sightings have been spreading like a epidemic across the United States and have also spread internationally to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and . Multiple reports of clowns were seen … Continue reading

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Loss Assessment Coverage

What Is Loss Assessment Coverage? Loss assessment┬ácoverage is an optional but valuable addition that you can add to your condo insurance. Loss assessment coverage provides protection to condo owners and … Continue reading

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Do I need health insurance and is it required?

Most Americans are required to have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.┬áThe Affordable Care Act holds insurance companies accountable for their actions. It helps lower health care costs which … Continue reading

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Are You Unknowingly Helping Burglars Break In To Your House?

In today’s world, we have so many unique ways to express ourselves through technology, social media, accessories, and more. We don’t think twice before posting that status update or adding … Continue reading

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Insurance Information You Should Know Before You Start Driving For Uber or Lyft

  As ride-sharing applications become more and more popular, more drivers are beginning to work for them as well. Yet, most drivers knows little about the insurance information for driving … Continue reading

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Technology and Insurance

Today’s day and age is all about technology. Everything is becoming revolutionized to technology, from cars, to TVs, phones and even household products. While technology continues to advance daily, it … Continue reading

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When Should You Buy Life Insurance?

“Age is nothing but a number”. If you’ve ever heard this phrase before, it is partially true. Yes, age is nothing but a number, but as that number gets higher … Continue reading

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