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Jessica Liu Insurance Services is an independently owned insurance agency based in San Francisco. Since we love interacting with customers and clients and getting involved in our community, we thought it would be a great idea to start a blog to engage with our community.


Blog Contributors:

3Smruthi Sriram

Smruthi is sophomore at San Francisco State University studying Marketing. She was interning at the agency for 4 months last fall and now has been heading the marketing department of the agency since January. She loves nature and the outdoors and tries to make time to go to to a park, beach or on a hike every week. She’s very excited to excel in marketing and has joined a professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, to help her reach her career goals.

5Andoeni Ruezga

Andoeni is a freshman at San Francisco State University studying Marketing from San Diego, CA and an intern for the agency since February. Her hobbies and passions include dance, photography and visiting art galleries and exhibition around the city of San Francisco. She enjoys traveling to Mexico and getting to know more about her culture. She hopes to combine her love for the arts into the world of Marketing to achieve her dream job.


imagejpeg_0Andrew Yu

Andrew is a senior at San Francisco State University studying marketing and has been interning since April. His hobbies include playing video games like super smash bros, playing sports, and traveling. He loves marketing because it connects the world together and there’s always news ideas to be made.


Lilian Chan

A senior in Business Marketing at San Francisco State University, Lilian is the newest addition to our team at the agency. She likes planning events, traveling and attending various music festivals. She also enjoys crafting various creations in her free time, in addition to playing the Piano and being a redditor.





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